Flavour : Over 40 Low Histamine Sauces and Condiments

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Alison Vickery is a certified Health Coach who specialises in helping women with histamine imbalance, chronic food intolerance, drug inflammation and chronic fatigue syndrome to live better lives.

As a life-long sufferer of histamine intolerance, Alison has made it her mission to seek out the world’s leading experts on histamine intolerance and apply the results of their research, into a functional healthcare model, that brings about real and lasting change in the lives of those affected by the condition.

Flavour contains over 40 delicious low histamine sauce and condiment recipes. Alison uses a plant-centric style of cooking to create delicious flavours naturally. Also included are over 100 easy meal ideas that Alison has made using these recipes and extensive substitution tables.

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